Technology In Healthcare

Effects of Information Technology in Healthcare and HIPAA Compliance

healthcare technologyNew technologies are being developed every often to enhance communication or make it easy to perform specific jobs among other functions. In the healthcare industry, solutions have been developed to transform aspects like information gathering, treatment, communication and research. The benefits provide by these solutions have given medical providers new tools and insights to practice medicine with utmost level of accuracy. Below are some of the greatest impacts technology has had on healthcare:

• Internet as an information resource – the number of people using the internet to search variety of health information has risen steadily over the recent past. The medical issues being searched include symptoms of diseases, treatments and medications. As a result, patients have become empowered to make right decisions concerning their health.

• Improvement in care and efficiency – one of the biggest impacts of IT in healthcare is its effect in making patient care more reliable and safe. Today’s, medics can use hand-held devices like HIPAA texting to check the type of treatment being administered to patients as well as record the patient’s medical history. The other vital statistics and functions include recording vital signs, dispensing medicines and analyzing the lab test results.

• Easy access to doctor and information resources – new technologies have made it easier for doctors to do their job. For example, with a touch of smartphone, a doctor can check through thousands of medical materials such as case studies. New technologies have made it easier for patient’s to access medical assistance. The most commonly used media include video, conferencing, email, and texting.

• Reaching the masses through social media – health centers can take advantage of the social media to reach out to patients. This can be done by establishing contacts with patients, launching public awareness campaigns, answering various health questions and undertaking community outreach programs. Some websites are equipped with chat functions, which doctors and nurses can use to communicate with patients in real time to discuss issues such as tests, vaccines, appointments and make reminders.

• Use of databases to predict trends – the information found on the internet can be traced and analyzed by health care workers to predict trends taking place; for example, when an outbreak of flu occurs. This kind of system can be used in conjunction with other traditional disease surveillance systems to get a more accurate picture of what is happening.



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